Pressure Washing & Graffiti Removal Services

When cleaning and de-vandalizing your property requires more power than what you can get washing it by hand, the solution we offer here at CCM is pressure washing services.

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    Professional Power Washing Services

    We remove graffiti and other contaminants from all kinds of materials so the underlying surface remains undamaged, and your business looks and stays pristine

    Cleaning exterior walls & roofs

    Removing graffiti

    Washing gutters & downspouts

    Cleaning awnings

    Removing gum

    And more!

    How Graffiti Removal Benefits Business

    Professional pressure washer graffiti removal service offers businesses a great many of advantages far beyond a clean look

    1Lasting Impression

    Make a great first impression that brings in customers, not sends them off to a competitor.

    2Public Image

    Let your spotless facade tell visitors what you value as both a company and an individual.

    3Safer Environment

    Provide a healthier, more comfortable space for your employees and customers.

    4Long-run Protection

    Reduce maintenance & repair costs by preventing long-term damage of your property.

    Why Trust Us?

    Enjoy the exceptional level of custom-tailored service you won’t find elsewhere


    Immediate attention to your cleaning matters 24/7/365


    Flexible schedule options and a detailed cleaning plan specific to your business


    Trained cleaning professionals with hands on experience since 1990


    The best cleaning supplies guaranteeing a clean you can rely on


    Skilled graffiti removers who get the job done without damaging your property

    Whatever the challenge, we have the solution!

    Tell us about your cleaning needs and get a perfect solution right away.


      Is pressure washing necessary?

      Debris, dirt, etc. can all have damaging effects on your property over time. Moreover, some of the buildup on your building could potentially be harmful substances, like mildew, algae, pollen, or bird droppings. Not only can pressure washing get rid of these substances, but regular services can also help prevent them. Pressure washing and window cleaning services are essential for preserving your building from long term wear and tear and can help you avoid repairing costs later on down the line as well as provide a healthier environment for your employees and customers.

      How do you tackle graffiti removal?

      If the proper chemicals and methods are not utilized, removing graffiti can actually damage your business’ exterior, potentially leading to costly repairs down the line. It can also be costly to clean up. Pressure washing is one of the best options for removing graffiti. Our graffiti removal service will have your business looking back to normal in no time. Our team is made up of professional graffiti removers who know how to get the job done without damaging your property. We can remove graffiti from brick, concrete, metal, and other surfaces. Why is it important to get rid of graffiti tarnishing a building? Unfortunately, it can tarnish your business as well. Graffiti showing up on the side of your business can affect the looks, and therefore people’s impressions, of your business. Especially if someone decides to “tag” it with something inappropriate. Pressure washing isn’t just necessary to protect your property; it is also a great solution to have your business looking its best. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

      Are there any downsides of pressure washing?

      There aren’t really any downsides to being clean. Pressure washing is a necessity for every business owner that will give your business a clean, professional look that will get customers to walk in the door and buy your products, as well as a healthy working environment for your staff. Our experienced cleaning professionals use specialized equipment and chemicals to ensure a powerful clean that will leave your property spotless and undamaged.

      Where do you power wash?

      We power wash all kinds of places and surfaces, including brick, stone, concrete buildings, sidewalks, walkways, windows, and more. Just tell us what it is you need to clean, and we’ll come up with the best option.

      What areas do you service?

      Our service areas are San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda, Marin, Contra Costa, Santa Clara. Contact us to see how we can help you!

      Who Do We Serve?

      Commercial Office Buildings
      Corporate Campuses
      Big Box Retail Stores
      Distribution Centers
      Financial Institutions
      Medical Groups
      Factories & Industrial Buildings
      Shopping Centers
      Apartment Complexes
      Government Facilities
      Airports & Transportation Facilities
      Sports & Athletic Complexes

      What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

      Our site is looking and feeling so much cleaner. My prospects and residents have made comments and my Regional was here yesterday and noticed it. I am thrilled with the progress and love that CCM is very present and invested.

      Deborah, Senior Community Manager, Luxury Residential Building in SOMA, SF

      I wanted to express how thankful and happy I am with your team's services! It is reassuring to know whether I need assistance in window washing, maintenance services or pressure washing, your company is able to help with all three. I cannot stress how you make my job so much easier as your team is always dependable, reliable and most importantly, trustworthy in regards to completing the job accurately and efficiently. In addition, you allow me to shine with my Board as your prices are reasonable and I always look like a superstar when it comes to our budget season. Thank you again for everything you have done these last four years! I look forward to another four years working with you and your company! I truly appreciate how much you care about my buildings!

      Lizzette Hasbun, Vida Management Team

      We have 261 units at the Rockwell and Come Clean Maintenance cleaned all the exterior windows including the calcium removal. Residents reported the windows are so clear and sparkling! Very friendly, meticulous and professional service. A pleasure to deal with, I highly recommend your company and will have you return for future work. Thank you again to your wonderful and professional staff for the FANTASTIC job they did!

      Annett Wagner, General Manager

      I have been using CCM to clean our property building windows for several years, and have always been completely satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job, offer the most competitive rates in town, and easy to get a hold of. We are also considering hiring them to deep clean (power wash) our basement parking lot. CCM has been very reasonably priced, always do exactly what we ask of them.

      Doveenic Cacacho, CBRE

      I am super happy with our new engineer from CCM who has taken on the task of filling in the holes, sanding and painting all the dents, marks etc. that were related to the construction in the open stairwell on all 14 floors. The difference is amazing!

      Jeff Leiberg, Property Manager, SSA Real Estate Management

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